About us

WAGT – World Academy for Gerontechnology – is an international society under French law (identification repertoire national des associations W062010251), serving university students at the Bachelor-level or higher who intend to be active in gerontechnology: the design of technology and environment for independent living and social participation of citizens up to the highest possible age.

WAGT is affiliated with the ISG (International Society for Gerontechnology) and its biannual world conferences. (www.gerontechnology.info). It has been established in Nice in 2016.

WAGT encourages and promotes teaching that combines the strong points of gerontology and technology in a multicultural and transdisciplinary way.

WAGT works towards the realization of a teaching environment with the most experienced teachers, scientists, engineers and designers communicating with novel students.

WAGT teaching is based on the following notions:
-All people, young and old, need the best possible environment to fulfill their aspirations.
-Novel students require the best teachers available.
-Different cultures offer different solutions from which we can learn

The WAGT-website is the official communication means of the WAGT.
Home of the Open Access Teaching Library, a teaching environment as a preparation for MOOC’s.
Construction of a mini-course for professionals
Master Classes for PhD and master students

WAGT has three categories of membership: grandmaster, master and associate master.