Open Access Teaching Library

The Open Access Teaching Library is under construction.

It will have the following characteristics:
i. Internet based;
ii. Open Access for Student Members of the ISG and ISG/WAGT Master Class Students;
iii. Category keywords from Gerontechnology matrices;
iv. Two sections: ‘Current’ and ‘History’;
v. Anyone may propose a publication for the ‘Current’ section to the WAGT-Teaching Library Committee, together with the relevant category keywords from the matrices;
vi. WAGT checks suitability of the publication for current gerontechnology teaching and accepts or rejects it for inclusion in the library;
vii. WAGT checks the keywords from the gerontechnology matrices to each accepted publication;
viii. Student-users of the library are automatically invited to vote for the practicality of each publication they read or download; those evaluated as best will appear first in queries;
ix. As soon as a publication has become obsolete, WAGT transfers it to the ‘History’ section and removes the practicality votes;
x. Queries can be done by category, methodology, and other relevant words in the abstract of each publication;
xi. The teaching library also has a satellite ‘Products and Services’ consisting of links from academic publications to the commercially available products tested in these academic publications;
xi. The Central Teaching Library contains publication in English only; ISG-Cultural Chapters may propose satellite libraries in their native tongue;
xii. In case Satellite Libraries are established their quality control will be the same as for the Central Teaching Library, but (Grand)masters who are native or C2-level speakers of the native tongue will be added to the WAGT-Teaching Library Commission, after nomination by the relevant Cultural Chapter.

The library will be organized according to a gerontechnology matrix.